Air Bubble Wrap Packaging


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About Us
HANGZHOU JUJIE PACKAGING TECH.CO.,LTD(Excellent Packaging)was based in Hangzhou close to Shanghai, as an one the youngest inflatable packaging manufacturer,we adopts world's latest technology in machines to product the best quality goods of PE+PA+EVOH multi-layer co-extrusion films which used to manufacture protective packaging material such as inflatable air column bags,inflatable air cushion roll,PE stretch wrap,air bubble roll and food packaging:vacuum pouch with zipper or not,laminated film with printing or not.All the raw material adopts world famous brands & 100% recyclable food grade such as BASF,Exxonmobile,DOW,SABIC,SINOPEC and so on.
We had complied with ISO9001/ISO14000 standards,all goods will through serious test before transfer to customer's hand,make sure each product is present,we had established 5 film process plants and more than 30 distributors in the China market,the oversea agencies and distributors will be established as soon as possible in 2019.
Our Mission
Satisfy with the different customer's demand.Offer the best packaging solution for the customers.Adopt 100% recyclable raw material to product high quality goods.Contribution to the environment.Air Bubble Wrap Packaging